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Holy smokes! Is this an update?! I respect you guys too much to bother with excuses.
Also...drum roll...GUESS WHO'LL BE AT MOCCA FEST THIS YEAR?! "Lots of people," you say, we'll you're right.
But also, US. WOOT!
In the meantime, we're gonna switch it up to monthly updates. First Weds of the month. Tell your friends.

Uploaded by audioaudre at 15:45 on 08 Febuary


MoCCA 2013

Posted 15:58
Fri 08 Febuary
by audioaudre

We'll have a table at MoCCA this year! We're all kinds of excited. Gonna have some sweet, sweet merch for you guys- comics, shirts, posters, infants, you name it. Get ready.

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